What is The Second Gaze?

For me, The Second Gaze is going deeper in our life journeys. As Fr. Richard Rohr shares, the Second Gaze is moving us away from simply looking at our own needs, wants, and desires to being able to see others in the ways that God sees them. He writes:

In the second gaze, critical thinking and compassion are finally coming together. It is well worth waiting for, because only the second gaze sees fully and truthfully. It sees itself, the other, and even God with God’s own eyes, the eyes of compassion, which always move us to act for peace and justice. 


The Second Gaze has been a central part of my healing journey (which is always ongoing) and photography has played a central role in that process.

I am inviting you to different experiences of faith and visual media to come alongside my journey and allow me to come alongside you as well.

My blog (ImagoScriptura) is a (roughly) daily reflection upon Scripture, readings, themes of how I am experiencing and seeking to practice The Second Gaze. I also have created two visual experiences for the season of Lent – The Stations of the Cross and The Labyrinth Journey. Both are free and are linked above.

There will be more to come on this page as I continue to photograph, explore, listen, write, and gaze. Thank you for coming by.